Wednesday, May 15

“Trenches” By Liah Lewis Is Fresh And Full Of Energy

Three are certain songs that can lift your spirits up when you feel really low, and “Trenches” comes under that category. One can listen to “Trenches” any time they want to, even if they just want to dance or sit down and relax. But this song will actually end up making you dance.

Liah Lewis, the talented artist to whom this song belongs, is a part of The Fam Recording Artist; it was founded by Tunisha Wiley, Liah’s mother. They are a group, family, and for them, their family comes first.

No doubt, “Trenches” is a powerful song by Liah Lewis, and we can call this song actually a powerhouse. This song will pour its energy into you, making you feel so liberated, and there is no doubt this group of musicians will soon get their proper attention.

This very talented artist is very inspired by her sister, Corinthian Wiley, aka Lil’Cre. She is very passionate about her music and gives her art its due importance. Her song “Trenches” really shows her passion and love for her craft. This song is actually a fusion of Rock and hip hop. 

The remarkable fact about The Fam Recording Artist is that they cover every kind of song, based on any sort of real-life problems, be it parenthood, struggles present in the real world. They will even provide you songs for partying and chilling; everything packed is one musical group, and they are proud of what they are creating.

Just listening once to the song “Trenches” will not do any justice to the beauty of this song, and surely you will not listen to it just once, because once you play this song, you will be hooked, and you will be compelled to listen to it again and once again.

It is not just Liah Lewis who is so versatile, but the whole The Fam Recording Artist music group is very versatile. Each and every artist knows what they are doing with their art. The artists support each other, they are family, and for them, family is above everything else.

The Fam Recording Artist can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Interested listeners can listen to their song “Trenches” on Spotify, and while doing it, try listening to their other fabulous creations too. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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