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Get Acquainted With Real Life With Caleb McHerrin’s “Quick Wish”

In real life, we lose connection quickly; however much we promise to stay connected, real-life hits our imaginary world. Eventually, we leave behind many relations without even meaning to do so. Caleb McHerrin‘s song “Quick Wish ” speaks about something related to that.

Coming across this song and listening to it not once but thrice, someone will quickly realize that the lyrics have so much meaning that someone who listened to it once will not be able to comprehend what this very song “Quick Wish” is trying to convey. And, this song really has so much to say to us.

Caleb McHerrin, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and then the talented artist relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, and now, well, he is based in Virginia, and he’s just 21 years old. Creating music is a passion of his, and he makes music in his own way, without limiting himself.

From what is known about his music, it can be said that he creates various types of hip hop. And the genre of “Quick Wish” is hip hop. The song is written and produced by the artist himself. Even though this talented singer is not a well-known musician, he sang his piece like a professional, and the credit can be given to his passion for music.

“Quick Wish,” according to the musician, is about love, or more like lost love. The song is about fighting for love and fighting in love, the lack of communication and connection which most people suffer from, and blind passion, and to these troubles of life, anyone can relate to. 

Caleb McHerrin wanted his music to connect with people, make them relate to his creations, speak to his fans through his songs, and he is doing that wonderfully, “Quick Wish” is the proof of that.

This very talented musician has been making music since he was 16, and in 2020 he released his very first project. And in this year, that is 2021, he has already released three singles, and he plans on releasing more and keeping his connection with his listeners alive.

Caleb McHerrin can be found on Instagram and Twitter. If interested, anyone can go and check his creations out. And his song “Quick Wish” can be listened to on SoundCloud.

To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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