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Melobeam believes in promoting rising stars and thus provides a complete support to the artists to fulfill their dreams. Millions of true music fans and passionate music lovers visit our site for fresh music with unexplored talents on a daily basis. Our promotional strategies work extremely well and make the artists popular within a short span of time. We are associated with a number of digital marketing brands to ease the process of advertising and reach the target audience fast. Melobeam offers sponsorship opportunities and benefits to the people who love to create magic with their rich talents. We provide our services for music on YouTube/SoundCloud/Spotify/Apple Music platforms only.

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—— Music Blog ——

Are you a musician and want to reach the right audience? If yes, then this is the right place for you to reach your fans. In today’s world, merely creating music and performing in a limited audience will not give you the desired result that you truly deserve. Thus, your music needs a genuine push to reach your fans beyond your imagination. Yes, that’s possible by creating amazing and engaging blogs by availing our artist music blog service. Melobeam offers you with an affordable music blog submission service along with other promotional tools that will make you create fans globally and that too in no time.Our writing service for music blogs about various artists include all genres of music. If you are visiting our site for the first time then you can submit music for blogs for free. 

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—— Reviews ——

Your musical creation is just a few steps away to get on top. There are millions of fans who are waiting to taste your music and support you as an artist to become famous. But your creation will only get valued if it is reviewed by music critics. Melobeam, one of the best music review websites, is committed to music reviews of artists by our experienced music lovers and critics. All of your creations will get reviewed and will be published on our website for more followers. Our music review services include song reviews, music album reviews and many more. If you are ready to reach your fans worldwide, then choose our music or artist review services. Are you a first time user? Try our artist review service for free.

—— Interview ——

Melobeam loves artist interviews and is keen to know about their musical journey and unknown facts. We understand the value of new talents and ensure to support them to get visibility in this competitive journey. We post interviews of various singers and publish them on our website. In order to fulfill the curiosities of your fans, you can promote yourself by availing our artist interview submission service on our website. Our team of experts will prepare an interview question set that needs to be answered by you and send it back to us. We will publish the interview in our interview section so that all your fans can get engaged and in turn get more interested in your music. First time users can avail free artist interview service and get the exposure for absolutely free of cost.

— New Music Release–

Are you in search of a music submission service to submit your new music? Don’t waste your time and select the best online music submission platform to launch it. Melobeam is one of the best music submission sites that ensures your creation to reach millions of audiences. First time visitors can avail free music submission service here.

— New Video Release —

If you are ready to create sensation with your new music video, then Melobeam is the best online video submission site for you. You can submit music video links on this platform to grow your fanbase quickly and effectively. We ensure your growth as an artist. Enjoy free video submission service if you are a first time visitor.

Love 💙 From Our Customers

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Stone Walker

I am really grateful to the entire team of Melobeam for their thorough support in my growth. Their excellent promotional strategies have made my music more powerful in front of the audiences. Also, their services are very affordable and for all categories of artists. I would highly recommend the rising artists to avail their service.

Stone Walker

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Flo Milli Princess

Honestly speaking, I tried another service and didn’t find it worth it. When I started using the services of Melobeam, my experience had completely changed. The wonderful team values all the music artists irrespective of their genres and is committed to their efforts. Keep up the good work.

Flo Milli Princess

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Kristen Rivera

I can still remember the day I decided to promote my music with Melobeam. I was tremendously confused as I was completely unknown about good music submission sites. But now I am happy with my decision because I have successfully increased my audience base. Thank you Melobeam.

Kristen Rivera

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Johnny Rico

It’s really been a wonderful experience working with Melobeam. The most important thing is they know how to deal with new artists who have just started their journey. Happy to see my growth and all the credit goes to the team. Thanks a lot.

Johnny Rico

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