Saturday, May 18

Listen To Demarco’s “Milli,” A Fresh Song For Fans

“Milli” is a new single by Demarco; once you listen to this song, you will know why it is called fresh. This song is capable enough to lift up your mood and get your blood pumping with its beats. Among all the repeated stuff, this new song is bound to get you interested.

NoFilter is a new project by Demarco, and the song “Milli” is a part of this project. And this project is undoubtedly going to be one successful project of Demarco. That mush can be said and expected from the sound of his song.

Now, about this very talented artist, it is known that he is an American boy from Oklahoma; he was actually born and raised in Oklahoma City. He believes himself to be a HipHop/R&B musician.

He was very much interested in music since he was 13 years old; he is passionate about his art, and that passion he poured into making his song “Milli.” His song “Milli” is undoubtedly a very good one, and once you listen to this song, you will indeed be wanting some more taste of it; this is how good this song is.

Demarco writes his own lyrics, and he composes his own music, a great talent for an artist to have. And this talented artist has the dream of making it big in the world of music, and by what he is doing with his music, he undoubtedly is going to be very famous real soon.

“Milli” is an adventurous song, and, through this song, this very talented artist is trying to express his own adventurous self, and that is precisely why must is used for, to express and explore yourself, and the artist is doing it well.

Demarco plans to create many more such adventurous songs in the near future. If you are interested in knowing about his future projects, then go and follow him on Instagram.

Anyone can listen to “Milli” on SoundCloud, and the other creations like “Mouth” and “I’m Missing You Right Now” are also present on SoundCloud, do check those out, too; maybe you will come across something you like.

To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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