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BTS’ V and Park Seo Joon’s Rumored Girlfriends BLACKPINK’s Jennie and YouTuber Xooos Are Friends?

Recently, there has been a frenzy of rumors surrounding the dating lives of Park Seo Joon and BTS member V (also known as Taehyung). While Park Seo Joon’s agency has remained silent on the matter, fans have been gathering evidence to support the speculation. Interestingly, it was discovered that Park Seo Joon’s rumored girlfriend, YouTuber Xooos, shares a connection with Jennie from BLACKPINK, who is rumored to be dating V.

BTS' V and Park Seo Joon's Rumored Girlfriends BLACKPINK's Jennie and YouTuber Xooos Are Friends?
BTS’ V and Park Seo Joon’s Rumored Girlfriends BLACKPINK’s Jennie and YouTuber Xooos Are Friends?

Fans stumbled upon a photo of Xooos and Jennie together at a Calvin Klein pop-up store in Seoul, which Xooos had posted on her Instagram with the caption, “And my sweet girls.” Jennie even left a comment on the post using a pink ribbon emoji. This revelation surprised fans, as it indicated a connection between the rumored girlfriends of Park Seo Joon and V.

Netizens expressed their thoughts on this discovery, with some commenting that it confirmed the dating rumors. Others noted the connection between Park Seo Joon’s girlfriend and V’s girlfriend, while some simply remarked that it made sense since Xooos is a friend of Jennie. It’s important to mention that neither Jennie nor V have addressed the dating rumors publicly.

The rumors of V and Jennie dating began when photos and videos of two individuals resembling them holding hands in Paris circulated online. Both their agencies have neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon has acknowledged the dating rumors but expressed feeling burdened by opening up about his private life. In an interview, he mentioned that he became aware of the news belatedly due to his ongoing filming project. He appreciated the attention but shared that he feels burdened by publicizing his personal matters, making it difficult for him to comment on the rumors.

V and Park Seo Joon share a close bond and are part of a group called Wooga Squad, which also includes Choi Woo Sik, Park Hyung Sik, and Peakboy. They have a strong friendship and have appeared together in various programs.

As the dating rumors continue to circulate, fans eagerly await any official statements or clarifications from the individuals involved.

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