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Chuck Black in the House! An Exclusive Interview with the Artist Himself

In the world of new emerging artists, Chuck Black is on his way to becoming one of the best rap stars. This independent artist with his versatile tracks is planning to lead the table. We are elated to announce that we finally had an exclusive interview with him. We are going to hear him tell us about his musical journey and all the struggles he has been through. Let us dive deep into what the artist has to say!

Chuck Black in the House! An Exclusive Interview with the Artist Himself

Melobeam: How were you feeling when you came to know that your latest creation is being loved by the audience?
Chuck Black: I feel good! It’s an overwhelming feeling you know, just to have people vibe out to something that you made. 

Melobeam: What do you think has driven you to make such a great song?
Chuck Black: Nothing much just Weed for me haha.

Melobeam: Who were you inspired to become an artist?
Chuck Black: A childhood friend who goes by the name Vigilan. I remember I was in 7th grade and all the guys would be in a cypher rhyming and I was amazed at how they put words together. A few years later I saw that Vigilan was taking it seriously. He and his cousin Shiest would go to studios and make CD’s and that really amazed me!

Melobeam: You know your music has always been a treat to us , when did you decide to choose music as a career?
Chuck Black: I think once I saw people tune into what I was doing. I can’t remember an exact date or age.

Melobeam: What do you think is the best thing about your music that the audience is able to connect to?
Chuck Black: I feel my audience can connect to my music because it’s real !!

Melobeam: Are you satisfied with your current style of music or wish to try something new?
Chuck Black: I’m satisfied with my style for now but I’m open to experiments. 

Melobeam: Do you come from a musical family background?
Chuck Black: Not really , I mean I have a few relatives that can sing , My cousin Capri, she’s big on the music scene in Virginia , and I have. A cousin or 2 that raps. I guess that’s a musical family. 

Melobeam: Any particular moment in your musical journey that you want to cherish all of your life? 
Chuck Black: Well , there is no such one particular moment . I would say All of them! 

Melobeam: According to you, what are the major factors missing in current hip-hop?
Chuck Black: Well one factor I think that’s missing is the acceptance of the younger generations music by the older generation. 

Melobeam: Have you ever gone live? 
Chuck Black: Yes I have gone live a couple of times! 

Melobeam: Unlike different artists what makes your music different from them?
Chuck Black: My music is  Raw and authentic that whats make me a true rap artist.

Melobeam: What boosts your morale when you don’t get the success you expect? 
Chuck Black: I don’t expect success, I just work and I know that will pay off. 

Melobeam: Do you want to reveal someone’s name who has guided and supported you throughout your journey? 
Chuck Black: There is no one but GOD!

Melobeam: Is there anything you want to say to your fans and followers? 
Chuck Black: Yea, just keep tuning in, following me on my social media, keep watching and listening !! I appreciate all of you. 

Melobeam: How long does it take for you to compose a song? 
Chuck Black: Depends on the mood or how high I am anywhere from 10 minutes to years.

Melobeam: Talent or hard work, what’s more important for a musician ?
Chuck Black: Hard work, because if you keep working on something you’ll get better at it! 

Melobeam: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Chuck Black: I don’t know about that but On Top Of The World. 

Melobeam: Who is your idol? 
Chuck Black: There is no such idol, I idolise myself!

Melobeam: How do you react towards negative comments by fans?
Chuck Black: I don’t really get bothered by negative comments!

Go listen up to his latest track Puff puff pass and enjoy the vibe. Stay tuned for more of chuck blacks interviews. You can reach through his social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik-Tok. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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