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Thinking About Promoting Your Music Through A Free Artist Interview Service? Keep These Questions In Mind

Services that take interviews of musicians have gained popularity in recent years, and the reason behind this is understandable enough. The amount of exposure and audience that these interviews provide can never be obtained by any other method. And the new artists are extensively using this device of promotion for their music.

First impressions are a must in any interview; with a great first impression, you can form an impressive image of yourself in the other person’s mind. With your answers, you not only have to impress the audience but also the interviewer; impressing the interviewer is essential too. Be confident and be enthusiastic. 

Many artists get quite nervous while preparing for these interviews. At the same time, some have no idea about what will happen, so while being interviewed, they commit some mistakes that make it hard for the artist to gain listeners, making the attempt of promoting the music fruitless. Some wrong answers or some awkward answers can do that to any new artist, as people are always eager to know about the new musician who got them hooked on their song. So, if you’ve decided to take the help of a free artist interview service to promote yourself and your new music, then keep these questions and tips in mind, these may help you in preparing for your first interview as an artist- 

1. What is your background?

A straightforward question to be asked, the answer is not that simple. If you are asked this question, and you will be, then do not tell them everything about how you were born or where you were born. Tell them how your upbringing influenced your music, how your surrounding made your music different from others. If something about your childhood influenced you to become a musician or not, do tell them. This answer will not only impress them but they will also be intrigued by you.  

2. What interests you the most besides music?

Here they are not playing games with you; they want to know what other things interest you to show the audience how you are one of them, how they can relate to you. You have to be relatable to your audience; only then will they start to appreciate your music. Telling the interviewer about how you love reading books or using social media is a good start. Do remember, for them, you are not only a musician but also a human, and to love you and your work, they have to relate to you. Use this tip if you ever decide to take the help of a free artist interview service.

3. Who inspired you the most?

Every artist is inspired by other artists; they admire these artists and try to take inspiration from their works. If you have someone you look up to who inspired you to become the musician you are today, then tell the interviewer about them. Tell the interviewer what you’ve learned from these artists and what valuable lessons they have taught you. These things speak a great deal about you as an artist. 

4. What were struggles?

Contrary to popular belief, succeeding in the world of art is quite challenging; it is not as easy as people tend to believe. Do inform the interviewer about how you struggled with your music, about your failures, shortcoming, times when you were so down. These things gain you admiration from the audience. Your struggles speak a lot about your passion for your art. 

If you are struggling with your preparation for your upcoming interview or have decided you want to promote your music through a free artist interview service, then keep these questions and tips in mind; these will come in handy.

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