Thursday, July 18

3VM’s 12 Horses On SoundCloud

3VM, which is actually pronounced as 3AM is a Rapper and his songs can be mostly found on SoundCloud, Spotify and other such musical platforms. 

3VM is known for his Single “Ballin” featuring Gary Vee. He is not a famous artist, not yet. But after listening to his songs we can rest assured that one day he will become a big name and leave his mark in the world of music.

He released his Single “12 Horses” on SoundCloud, YouTube Music, Spotify and many other music platforms. It is actually a rap and is 3VM’s way of disguising the pressure as success.

According to the artist on the way to success, the fans usually miss all the dedication and hard work an artist put into their work.

The same can be assumed by the comments of some of his listeners, like one on SoundCloud with the username ANbU said “you’re helping me through a spiritual journey sir. appreciate you.” 

Another SoundCloud user called Chris Pierera asked “Why is he not famous?”. We too hope he will be famous, real soon. He deserves it. 

From the outside it is all about money, women and cars, but little do the fans know that the artist is actually spiraling out of control and then one day the artist crashes, they just fall down. Thus, with “12 Horses” 3VM is trying to express all the struggles of an artist.

For some people 3VM is one kind of a spiritual artist and “12 Horses” is one kind of a spiritual song.

Some of his songs which are worth listening to are So It Goes, “Proud of Me“, and “Head A$$“.

You can listen to his “12 Horses

3VM can be followed on SoundCloud, Spotify and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Follow him and be a part of his musical journey. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.


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