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Perks of submitting your music on online music submission sites

Are you a budding artist wondering how to make your music available to the right audience? Your one-stop solution is online music submission sites. For new musicians entering the music industry could become a nightmare. And here is where online music submission sites come to the rescue.  

Perks of submitting your music on online music submission sites

What these sites do is that they make your song available on various music platforms and provide the appropriate exposure your music demands. Many great artists used these sites at the start of their careers.

In this blog, we will discuss five benefits that come with online music submission sites.

Distribution made easy.

For a piece of music to be successful, it needs to reach as many people as possible. Recent data has shown that among the total number of people who listened to the song, only 20 to 30% like it. Furthermore, among those 20 to 30 percent people, only 1 or 2 percent share it with their family and friends. Frightening, right? But it’s the truth. 

So in order to reach a larger audience, your song must be available on all the top music streaming platforms. The more accessible your track will be, the more chances of people hearing it and liking it.

When you submit your track on music submission sites, What they do is that they distribute your music on all top-ranking music streaming platforms. By this, it gets access to a higher audience without any hassle. 

Isn’t it amazing? Of course, it is.

Advertising on social media platforms.

You must have heard people often telling you that promoting your songs on social media is best. But, with only hundreds of followers who are not even interested in your music, it’s not helpful at all.

Music submission sites often have a pre-established fanbase on social media. They have followers who are always keen to discover new pieces of music. nIn most cases, online music submission sites have more social media followers than budding artists. And this makes them a better option for song promotion too. 

These sites promote your songs on their social media handles. They regularly upload small yet creative posts about your music. It compels the audience to hear it once. 

So if you have a small number of followers, stop fretting and submit your music to one of these sites.

Blog power

Music blogs are an excellent means to promote your music. It helps the audience to understand your music. But for writing a quality blog for your track, you need to contact a music blogger. Often it’s not that straightforward. In most cases, either they will not respond to you or they will prefer well-established ones in front of fresh talents.

Online music submission sites have a bunch of music bloggers who listen to various music genres. These music bloggers, first listen to your music and then write a blog for it. It helps in reaching and connecting with a larger crowd. Those blogs help a lot in building a good impression of you as well.

Some sites even conduct interviews to know more about you. 

These were some benefits of music submission sites. These sites even provide you with counseling at every step. Submitting your music to those online music submission sites is the best thing you could do to start with your music career. 

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