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Things To Consider While Choosing Free Music Blog Submission Sites For Your New Song

It certainly is interesting to see a piece of brand new music grow through promotions, mass sharing, and of course, online discussions. Still, these things take time to occur, and social media is a noisy little place where anything new takes time to get an adequate audience. For music to encounter a greater audience, it has to be put forth in places where people visit just for good music; music blogs are those places. 

Blogs can be found everywhere, and some beautifully styled websites are nothing but blogs. There are many types of blogs, and music blogs are one of them. Music blogs are basically reviews on a specific song or a fun discussion on that song, revealing that track’s features and talking about the artist. It is the best tool that a new artist can use to promote their track. 

There are specific free music blog submission sites waiting to be used by up-and-coming musicians who are still on the road of exploring their musical journey but want to get a firm footing. Sometimes it gets hard for a new musician to choose from the deluge of music blogs, so here are certain things that you must consider while selecting a music blog to submit your track to.

1. Find Out What Kind Of Music Certain Music Blog Promotes

Some music blogs focus on all kinds of music and that too for free, making it easier for a musician to submit their music for free, but sometimes certain music blogs focus only on a specific kind of genre. Unknowingly contacting these kinds of music blogs will not be fruitful. So, before contacting any music blog, you must do some extensive research on that blog. 

2. Have The Right Contact Details

For the submission of a musical track, one has to contact the music blog; for this, it must be made sure that the music blog’s contact details are correct. For this, you have to find who controls the submission process. While sending an email, you have all the accurate information of the person, including his name and email id, which might even impress them. 

3. Following The Rules and Guidelines are a must

This is an essential factor to consider. While choosing the right music blog to submit your music to, you must make sure you agree with the rules and guidelines of a particular music blog and follow them. If you cannot follow the submission guideline, then most probably, your music will be rejected or ignored. So, understanding, agreeing, and following the submission guidelines is a must for your music submission to these free music blog submission sites. 

4. Be Visible To The Music Blogger

A music blogger has to know about you and your other works to write about your song, as your other works can say a lot about your present musical track. Providing the music blogger with the links to your social media will be of great help. You must send them the links to sites where you have already uploaded your works. This will not only help the blogger to write about your music but also help them in providing those links to the audience.

These are some basic and essential factors for you to consider while choosing a free music blog from the deluge of free music blog submission sites. Use this free tool of promotion to give your music wings.

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