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Man Of The Moment Logan Paul: Logan Vs Mayweather

The most hyped and the disappointing match of the season.

YouTube Sensation Logan Paul and unbeaten boxer Floyd Mayweather exhibition bout ended without a winner. Paul, 26, 188 m tall and  weighed nearly 180 pounds and Mayweather, 44, 172m tall  was 155 pounds on the match day.

Man Of The Moment Logan Paul: Logan Vs Mayweather

In the first round of the match Paul didn’t  throw fist at Floyd, then right after he let Logan pull up with some jabs and let him lead up.

Thera is a  video from one of the rounds, In the clip Logan lunges at Floyd and misses,Floyd counters with a punch at Logan  and he goes limp,

Flyod doesn’t let him fall and is trying to hold him up off the floor to prevent a knockdown or a knockout.

That’s how the round ended and Logan was able to stand the fight till the end. Logan Paul manages to survive 8 rounds against a retired boxer with 50 wins.

He Claims, “This is  one of the greatest moments in my life.I will be thinking if he lets me survive. It was the coolest thing ever”. There was no decision made after the match which was the case in exhibition matches like this one.

There was not even one knockout, deciding a winner was out of question.

Fans seem unsatisfied with the match. How come one of the best experienced boxers in history cant manage to knockout a YouTuber like Logan Paul?

In Reality, Floyd Mayweather could have easily terminated the fight if he wished to, however, he was aware of his audience and he wanted to make his fans money worth the fight. Assuredly both took millions home.

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