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Kendall Jenner And Selena Gomez – Two Stylish Artists Wear Same Outfit

On April 4, which is a Sunday, Kendall Jenner posted a picture on Twitter of her marvelous attire which created a tizzy on Twitter among the fans of both stars.

Kendall Jenner And Selena Gomez - Two Stylish Artists Wear Same Outfit

Her dress, with a neckline in sweetheart design and puff sleeves, seems to coincide with the one that Selena Gomez that she was wearing on the “De Una Vez” music video.

Besides this twinning, people on Twitter started debating on who has worn the dress well which seemed aggressive creating a huge confusion.

Based on a person’s comment conveying that Selena Gomez is the inspiration for Kendall Jenner, it reveals the fact that they do not follow each other on Instagram.

Even then, fans of Kendall started appreciating the way she presented in the picture with her dress as beautiful and gorgeous.

But the situation got worse when Kendall created a dramatic situation by putting a meme with a caption. It conveyed that Kendall is the one wearing the dress better than anyone.

Even though the tweet of Kendall was removed, the safer comment is that the fans of Selena Gomez got upset with her actions.

The fan account of Selena, Official Selenators, retweeted Kendall’s Twitter post. The fans, by adding a caption, “stream #Revelacion” that presents the Spanish EP of Gomez that made Kendall fans unhappy.

Though comments flow aggressively against their twinning moments and comments claiming that Selena serves as the original for the Rodarte dress, there is a fact to consider that Kendall was the one to wear the dress for the first time.  

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