Tuesday, May 14

Samiah’s “Demons” Will Motivate You Enough To Fight Your Own Demons

While listening to “Demons” by Samiah, I realized how good a song it is. The intro of this creation is just very uplifting; it can get one’s blood running and pumping to ready them for what is coming next; the lyrics.

This talented musician Samiah is an aspiring singer and songwriter with a dream of becoming a mainstream voice in Rock. Writing music, for her, is a process that heals her, purifies her, and helps her release her emotions. And the song “Demons” is written by the talented singer herself.

Samiah, a girl from Washington DC, was in love with the concept of music since she was 14, she has loved and still loves Rock music, and this very fact is visible in her song “Demons.” It seems like her dream of becoming a mainstream voice in Rock will be realized very soon, as she is bound to become a famous name with this kind of talent.

The lyrics of the song were written in a way that does not let it point out which mental illness it is explicitly talking about. Anyone with any kind of issue can relate to this song and understand that it is okay to have problems and everything is okay going to be alright. Very creative of Samiah.

As of now, this song can be found on Spotify; anyone who is interested in the songs by this talented artist can go check it out.

Back to the lyrics of the song “Demons,” it truly has beautiful lyrics that are accompanied by uplifting music. Samiah was inspired by the mental illness suffered by a loved one of hers to write this song. Mental illness is a severe issue, and a piece about it can help so many.

Samiah can be followed on Facebook and Instagram, keep following her to find out what beautiful creation she is going to release next. Because with this kind of love for music, she is bound to reach heights in the world of music, and that much can be deduced from her song. Keep a close eye on her as she is soon going to become a well-known name.

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