Saturday, May 18

“30 Kkreep” By Stuffdawood Speaks About Life In A Group Home

“30 Kkreep” is a very passionate rap by Stuffdawood, where he tries to purge out all that he feels with the help of this rap, and the lyrics really express whatever is going inside him. 

When you feel something really strong and just don’t know how to let it all out, rapping can prove to be a perfect medium of releasing all that you are feeling; all your pent-up feelings can be released through music and rapping. And this really talented rapper Stuffdawood really knows how to do it. 

Stuffdawood, a boy from Orlando, is an upcoming artist with a dream of reaching heights in the world of music. From what is known about him and his rap, he uses rap to tell his listeners about life inside a group home, as he too lives in a group home—a very good thing to share about.

Stuffdawood’s song “30 Kkreep” can be listened to on SoundCloud; anyone interested in his rap can listen to his other raps like “Guard Up,” “Neighbours,” “Numb,” and ‘Heartbroken” that are also available on SoundCloud for you. His rap “Guard Up” has got excellent reviews from his listeners too.

Though not that famous yet, he is bound to become a well-known name in the world of music. So, go and check out some of his beautiful creations before he becomes very popular.

The artist wants to share the hardships faced by him and the people living in a group home with him. How hard one’s life can get in a group home, and how good it is living in a group home. And does all that from what he’s facing and what others are facing. This kind of surrounding is rarely talked about, and now Stuffdawood is doing the rapping.

“30 Kkreep” is written by the very talented rapper Stuffdawood himself, and undeniably this rap is very passionate and is really good. It should be listened to by every lover of rap. 

Anyone who is interested in knowing about his upcoming creations can follow him on Instagram.

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