Wednesday, April 24

“Hacksaw” by Burroh, an absolute lyrical gem

Fed-up of listening to those old and mawkish raps? Try “Hacksaw.” This hip-hop track is sure to satiate your craving for a piece of raw music. In fact, it’s one of the most unique and astonishing raps I’ve heard in a while. The lofi beat tangled in killer bars gives this track a sole angle.

“Hacksaw”(feat Czarface) is a pure hip-hop track by American rapper Burroh. The beat producer is Atrophy. This not-so-long track is damn addictive. Once you listen to it, you won’t be able to put your headphones down. Walking alone at night with this song on the loop is pure bliss. 

Burroh and Czarface both have remarkably crafted the lyrics of this hip-hop track. The verses are pure fire, and the lofi beat provides a cryptic touch to this jewel. In all honesty, Listening to this song is like seeing Keanu Reeves assassinating on a cold rainy night.

Burroh is a budding rapper from Springfield MO. His style of rapping is unique from other emcees in the industry right now. As an artist, he loves experimenting with his music. In fact, the track “Hacksaw” is one of those experimental beauties. Burroh could be called a word wizard for the way he wrote and rhymed the lyrics.

The gifted rapper views his music as a way to express his sentiments to the world. He uses it as a tool to show his views on social issues. 

The song starts with a soft beat and then escalates to be a banger. In the track, Burroh and Czarface talk about how no one can compete with them and how ardent they are about Hip-Hop. Furthermore, the bars are stuffed with metaphors, making the track quite appealing. Finally, the song ends up devising a sense of satisfaction in your heart.

With all the work being put by these talented artists. The track seems to be a promising one. If you are a Hip-Hop fanatic who wants to listen to some new stuff, I recommend this one. 

“Hacksaw” is available on Spotify, so go and give it a try. You can connect with Burroh on Instagram and Twitter, be a part of his rap journey. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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