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Joshua Tree Music Festival: “From The Desert With Love” and Heather Christie’s Mind blowing Performance

Joshua Tree Music Festival, a music festival held in Joshua Tree, California. A powerhouse for empowering art, education, creativity and innovation for all ages. The festival being family friendly, it accepts all kinds of audience of all ages. But, due to the current situation and social distancing, people were unable to attend the festival. Thus, the festival was streamed online.

It features artists who are not household names yet, who are still hidden away in the crowd, who will go on to become some big names in the world of music. 

The fall edition of the Joshua Tree Music Festival was dubbed as “From the desert with love”. Artists sent their love and best wishes to the audiences, who will usually attend the festival physically, in musical form. 

The festival was graced by artists like “Queen of the Hi-Desert” Jesika Von Rabbit, plus Thumpasaurus, Balkan Bump, Afrolicious, Vir McCoy Allstars, Year of the Crow, Heather Christie & Vir McCoy, and Subko. 

Heather Christie and Vir McCoy gave a very soulful performance, earning the pleasure of their audience, they performed songs like Light it up, Sensual Nature, Lullaby, Soul of the World, and covered the most loved song of Ed Sheeran “Shape Of You” and have it their own touch.

Her Spotify, if you are interested in her music, you must visit. Also visit the YouTube Channel for new videos. You can even follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

She not only is a musician, but also a vocal coach and music production and business mentor. If you love good music then you must try and listen to her. 

Heather Christie is a future-soul artist from the West Coast, and she is one talented artist. Her voice and music are a medley of calmness and melody. She has been on American Idol and many of her music have gone viral on Spotify. Visiting her YouTube channel is a must for good music lovers.

Vir McCoy, who accompanied Heather Christie, is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, he has produced music in various genres, some of them are World Fusion, Electronica, Rock, Children and many more. He is a talented artist and has been performing for more than 20 years.

You can follow her on Instagram.

To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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