Thursday, July 18

Fill Your Days With The Colors of Love With Essa’s “Many Colors”

Today, out of luck or maybe pure coincidence, I came across this very soothing song called “Many Colors,” by Essa. Not everyone may know this excellent piece of work, but once you hear it, you will be hooked for a while or many days.

An aspiring artist, Essa is a Songwriter and Singer, and “Many Colors” is written by Essa herself, and trust me, the lyrics are lovely; every word used by her will start speaking to your heart.  

Many Colors” is about love; it speaks about how one can love someone with all their shortcomings, flaws, and pain, and how this same love can free someone enough so that they can become something better every day, something beautiful. 

Essa is a Southern girl from Mississippi Gulf Coast. Since she was a kid, she used to adore music. She defines music as freedom; for her, music is something that sets you free.

She is eager to share her music with anyone who is ready to listen to her to help them experience the feeling of being free. 

She has been inspired by many famous legends of the world of Music like Mariah Carey, Prince, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston, and her music really shows the influence of these legends on her; once you listen to her, you will know just how good she is with her music.

This song defines what love really is and how love is not just a mere word, a chain binding you because true love never holds you back; it sets you free. A lovely song about a beautiful emotion, which rarely can be described with just words: and with her soothing voice singing the piece, you are bound to feel every emotion she wants you to feel.

Essa desires to change the world with her music, her beloved art. She believes art and music can change the world for the better.

If you are intrigued by this new talented musician, then you can surely go and try listening to her fantastic song “Many Colors.” 

You can also find Essa on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Go and check out what other beautiful creations she will be offering soon.

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