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Album worth listening, “Starting Over” by Chris Stapleton

A gifted lyricist and a versatile singer who made a permanent mark in the music industry with his album Traveller, has released another album named Starting Over which is bound to win you over. It is the fourth full-length album from the gifted artist. This album exposes how skillful a writer Stapleton is. Every song has its charm which establishes Stapleton as an artist of enormous capability. 

Album worth listening Starting Over by Chris Stapleton

Lyrics of the songs in this album are highly emotional, a little cliched, but the honest way Stapleton delivers the songs gives them an air of dignity of their own. 

The track “Cold” is one of his innovative creations, it is a mix of Rock, Americana and R&B, and it allows the charm of his voice to appear forth. Gifted with a very powerful voice, Stapleton’s creative delivery of the song gives this track a life of its own. 

Another track Joy Of My Lifeprovides additional warmth to Stapleton’s singing. It is an okay song in this album. 

Watch You Burn is an angry track, in this song Stapleton imagines a mass shooter at the Route 91 Harvest festival, being sent to hell. One of the very best in the album. This song may be cathartic for many of his listeners, it has that vigour and frustration and resentment.

Best songs in this album are about death, Maggie’s Song a song for a very good girl and Nashville, TN,” which is basically about the death of dreams and desires. 

Two cover songs are present in this album which uncovers Stapleton’s unusual ability to make a song written by someone else sound like his own. Guy Clarke’s Worry B Gone and Old Friends the Nashville superstar reiterates the album back into its country region. Stapleton being unique in all his creations gave these covers his win touch which resulted in the creation of a new version of the song.

Chris Stapleton stands out as a lyricist and a vocalist. It is no wonder that he is also known as the reigning king of country music. If you are into country music or just into good music then you can check out his songs from his YouTube Channel, Apple Music and Spotify you can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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