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Album worth listening, “Starting Over” by Chris Stapleton
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Album worth listening, “Starting Over” by Chris Stapleton

A gifted lyricist and a versatile singer who made a permanent mark in the music industry with his album Traveller, has released another album named Starting Over which is bound to win you over. It is the fourth full-length album from the gifted artist. This album exposes how skillful a writer Stapleton is. Every song has its charm which establishes Stapleton as an artist of enormous capability.  Lyrics of the songs in this album are highly emotional, a little cliched, but the honest way Stapleton delivers the songs gives them an air of dignity of their own.  The track "Cold" is one of his innovative creations, it is a mix of Rock, Americana and R&B, and it allows the charm of his voice to appear forth. Gifted with a very powerful voice, Stapleton's creative deliver...
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