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An Exclusive Interview With “JaJuan Turner”, An Emerging Artist In The Genre Of Hip-Hop

There are a lot of new artists with their wonderful musical creations and we are going to introduce you all to an emerging powerful singer in the Hip-Hop genre. Yes, we are extremely happy to share the interview of a promising music artist, “JaJuan Turner“. His versatility and rich lyrics will definitely win the hearts of millions. He has shared his struggle and musical journey to reach new heights will inspire many of his kind of musicians. Let’s know more about him in his own words.

Melobeam: How do you feel when you see your latest creation is being loved by the audience?
Jajuan Turner: It really feels great because it lets me know that someone is listening and relating to my music. At the end of the day it’s all for the fans.

Melobeam: Who inspired you to become an artist?
Jajuan Turner: I have always been musically inclined. I mean I do have those who influenced me, but It was my decision to take it to the next level.

Melobeam: What has driven you to make such a great song?
Jajuan Turner: I experienced struggle in my journey and this drives me to create this song.

Melobeam: Your music has always been a treat, when did you think of choosing a career in musical arena?
Jajuan Turner: I always had love for music but I started to take this seriously when I decided to choose a career in music. 

Melobeam: What is the best part of your music that you think the audience can connect to?
Jajuan Turner: My flow and the way I orchestrate the concept of the project.

Melobeam: Do you feel satisfied so far with your existing style of music or want to try something new?
Jajuan Turner: Yes because it took me a while to found my sound. And in future project you can expect more.

Melobeam: Do you belong to a musical family?
Jajuan Turner: Not really I’m the only one in my family that took music as an endeavor.

Melobeam: Any moment in your musical career that you want to cherish all your life?
Jajuan Turner: Being able to connect with my fans. And taking care of my family.

Melobeam: Have you gone live so far?
Jajuan Turner: Yes. And we are looking to do my live event this year as well.

Melobeam: What makes your music different from other artists?
Jajuan Turner: Not all of my music is Trap and Hip Hop. I also have a RnB side as well. I like to have a versatile mindset when creating a single or project.

Melobeam: Do you want to reveal a name who has supported you throughout your journey?
Jajuan Turner: My Family, The whole Armani Sound Team, LMF, All of my people from zoo who have been rocking with me since day one. And a lot more fasho!

Melobeam: According to you, what are the factors missing in the current hip-hop?
Jajuan Turner: I think the most important missing factor is people developing their own sound.

Melobeam: What boost your confidence when you don’t get success as expected?
Jajuan Turner: Talking to my mother. She always has good advice on how I need to approach certain situations. Love you Elaine.

Melobeam: Do you have any message for your fans and followers?
Jajuan Turner: Yawl is the reason I do this for real. Thanks for your love and support and ima continue to drop this heat for yawl.

Jajuan can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, keep following him to find out what stunning creation he is going to release next. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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