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Let Out The Magic Of Your Music With Free Music Reviews Websites – The Undefeated Tool Of Promotion

Undoubtedly, new musicians have a long road to travel which is filled with obstacles; this is what the journey of being a successful musician is about, that is what makes a musician smile when they look back and see how far they have come, that is what struggle is, but a little bit of extra help must not be denied and should not be denied. Music reviews that have been making waves come as a gift sent from God to the struggling artists.

The music that you’ve created may be of excellent quality, it may sound divine, but it will not be enough to make it big in the industry which is filled with talented and more famous artists, at that time publicity and promotion do the work what good music alone cannot do. And in this era of social media, promoting your creation has become more manageable, and many bloggers are always ready to review your music for free. What you need are just a piece of good music and suitable methods.

Being someone totally new to the field of promotion and publicity, the situation becomes quite overwhelming for the creator, and when there are so many options to choose from, they are bound to get confused. So, before submitting your music for reviews, some essential factors should be considered by you for choosing the right website from a plethora of free music reviews websites.

1. What Kind Of Music The Site Reviews

Not all sites are picky about genres, some sites do review music of any genre, but some sites are selective with their choices. They will not just take up any song from any genre; these sites focus on specific genres only. So, before submitting your music for free reviews to free music reviews websites, do remember to check what kind of music they review or if they provide reviews for any genre.

2. Guidelines Are To Be Followed

Every reviews website has its guidelines that are to be followed during the submission of any song. You must carefully read these guidelines, which can be easily found on their website, make sure that you agree with the policies, and are comfortable with following them. Following the guidelines is a must. If you do not follow the guidelines, then they might not accept your submission at all. However, some music reviewing sites do not have guidelines.

3. Do They Review Old Music?

Some websites are interested in reviewing only new songs which are released recently and not one year back, so if you are interested in submitting some of your old creations, then make sure to check if the website is accepting old music. However, these websites review only new releases or music that has not been out for more than six months. 

4. Be Available To Them

If a reviewer is going to review your work, then he has to know a little more about your previous works, your capacity and your musical strengths; for this, you have to be very much available to the reviewer. You should leave your contact details, the links to your social media accounts with the music reviews website. Make it easier for them to listen to your songs by leaving the links of your music videos with the reviewer. It may even be used in the review of your piece.

Quite hard to find some best free music reviews websites, but it is not impossible, and if you consider these factors while choosing the best review website, then the promotion of your music will become a cake’s walk.

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