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How to land on sites for free artist interview services

Being an artist is not easy and simply not just cool as people think it to be. It involves a lot of creativity and hard work to be an artist. Even after striving this hard, there are lakhs of you who don’t get what they deserve.

Today we’ll talk about those struggling artists and how some sites providing free artist interview services can help in any way they can so that the artists get to the place where they belong. 

How to land on sites for free artist interview services

They have the right marketing skills that make your upward journey a little easier. Here are a few tips for struggling artists to choose the right website for free Artist interview services.

1)Types of artist the site interviews :

There are a few sites that provide free artist interview services only to a particular type of artist. For example some sites can interview artists from any sector but some might just interview writers or just painters. They will not accept artists from any other background. So before you submit your name to a free artist interview site, you have to make sure of their background requirements. 

2) Make sure to check out the guidelines : 

There are free artist interview sites that have a list of guidelines that are to be followed. There will be terms and conditions that you’ll have to agree with. Make sure that you are in a comfort zone with those terms and conditions. However, some websites have no such guidelines.

3) Will they accept your work more than six months old while interviewing:

When you read the guidelines or you go through one of the free artist interview services websites, make sure to check if they accept to interview your old works or not. These sites consider works that were released more than 6 months before to be old.

4) Availability:

The person who will be taking your interview will be needing data about your previous works, your capacity and your musical strengths; for this, you must be available to the interviewer. You must leave your contact information like your phone number and social media details with them on their artist interview services website.

These sites that provide free artist interview services are not much in numbers. Most sites will ask for their pay but if you search according to these categories that are mentioned above, it’s sure that you’ll find a few sites that will be suitable for free artist interview services.

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