Tuesday, May 21

Rexx Life Raj’s “Falling” featuring Russ

“Falling” which features Russ is a single which was released as a part of Rexx Life Raj’s album “Father Figure 3: Somewhere Out There.”

“This song was a sleeper that almost didn’t make the album because sometimes I’m an idiot and make shitty decisions,” told Rexx Life Raj when asked about the story behind “Falling.” “I went a while without playing it and it randomly came on and I was like ‘bruh.. this is one of them ones.’ 

“Father Figure 3” is a follow-up in the Father Figure Trilogy by Rexx Life Raj. His style is very much evident in the tracks of the album. His melodious voice and delivery blurs the line between Hip-Hop and R&B. 

His artistic touch is notable in his single “Falling.” This song reminds the listeners of the older style with funky rhythms. This song was released in 2019. Good thing that Rexx Life Raj decided to add the single “Falling” in this album. 

The song is very refreshing and it not only touches the heart of the listener, but also makes them feel fresh. 

Rexx says about the song “This is one of my versions of a love song. Please do love things when it comes on.” Well we do love the song, love song or not. 

What can be gathered from the comments found on SoundCloud and YouTube on this track is that people loved, really loved this song. One listener on SoundCloud commented “This is quite good”, yes it is.

Russ added some more stars to the track with his marvellous voice. A listener on YouTube said “I got two jobs at the moment and I play your song to get met through the day.” 

You can follow Rexx on SoundCloud, and Russ on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Some more songs which are worth mentioning from the album are “The Fog“, “Mad Real” and “Moonwalk.”

To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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