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Metal Band So Sick Social Club’s First-Ever Single ‘Never’ Has Won Hearts

Metal Band So Sick Social Club’s First-Ever Single ‘Never’ Has Won Hearts

The best treat for the horror metal or industrial band audience will be the release of ‘Never’ by ‘So Sick Social Club’. It is Canada’s horror and rock-infused entity who released their first single ‘Never’ of their new album ‘The Panic Chapter’ on April 1 in the year 2020. The director of this horror metal genre is Latefox Collective, produced by Voodoo Drew, mixed and finishing producer is Dajaun Martineau which is mastered by Steve Benford. 

The metal music genre has always been so popular that it has reached a huge audience that led to its rapid growth in the music industry. The song encompasses loud and clear vocal performance with the best infusion of horror in it. The crew’s versatility has come out perfectly to get into the ears of the audience with its unique blend of their voices. Those who love to listen to haunting melodies can find this release to be so appealing and fascinating. 

The music track extraordinarily maintains the equity between the clear and harsh vocals of the artists which flows the best with the instrumental backdrop. The rhythms seem to be versatile enough to impress a large audience who will fall in love with metal or industrial music as a result of listening to ‘Never’. This release is a magnificent one for those who feel the genre to be impressive at the global level. 

Packed with bodyslamming beats along with slaying riffs, it is a special treat for horror theme lovers. Fans who were waiting for a new release of a horror blend can find the ‘Never’ song of ‘So Sick Social Club’ to be satisfying and amazing. The releases have not failed to create a unique place among the audience with their rocking performance by breaking into all boundaries. 

It is always amazing to listen to the songs in various digital formats. This song is available too to make the audience feel the best from the release. Also, many are waiting to grab their favourites soon from the metal music band with higher expectation levels. The best piece of art with all efforts and versatile performance will be a treat for industrial horror genre lovers from the music band. 

So Sick Social Club can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If interested, anyone can go and check his creations out. And his song Nevercan be listened to on Spotify.

To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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