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Karol G and Mariah Angeliq became rule breakers in “El Makinon.”

Karol G and Mariah Angeliq became rule breakers in "El Makinon."

El Makinon” is the focus track of Karol G’s third studio album KG0516, the song features Mariah Angeliq.

Exceptionally infectious and catchy, the reggaeton song is “El Makinon,” produced by Neo. Packed with catchy beats, the song is about breaking all the rules. 

The lyrics narrate the tale of a girl who became independent at the age of 16, and now as she has grown older, she can still depend on herself. Quite meaningful.

On the Hot Latin Songs Chart, “El Makinon” ranked number 9. 

 Karol G now reinvented herself with her album KG0516, in her terms, endeavored into the path of a new kind of singing. “El Makinon” is quite the proof.

KG0516 contains about sixteen songs, and all these make up for the most influential album of her career. In “El Makinon” for the first time, Karol G’s versatile vocals have been utilized fully.  

Karol G’s musical versatility has fully been uncovered not only in the album but also in the song “El Makinon.” The track demonstrates her evolution as an artist and how much she has grown. 

The album explores and experiments with a wide variety of genres. Karol G has transcended to a new level of innovativeness. The wide variety of genres makes the album one of the most ambitious albums in her career.

Karol G says, “This album represents the evolution of Carolina as a person and Karol G as an artist. This is a flight I want to invite all my fans on, to join me on my musical journey, where each song represents a connecting flight that takes you to a new place,” the singer conveyed. 

Karol G is a very famous artist and she is among the 50 most listened to artists, and her songs have been streamed more than 25 billion times on digital music platforms. She can be followed on Instagram

Karol G can be followed on Facebook and Twitter or you can subscribe to his channel on YouTube and follow him on Spotify. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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