Thursday, July 18

Incredible T-MO’s ONE Hour Power mix Volume 1 on SoundCloud

A power hour is a mix of a Pre-made playlist of songs for sixty minutes.

T-MO on SoundCloud uploaded a one-hour power mix last month. The mix is loved by people and has received over a thousand plays till now with 138 likes and 11 shares.

The mix is an electronic power Hour mix. It’s an awesome Electronic Oasis. The song has amazing beats to dance on. The beats of the mix are super dope. People are enjoying and loving this mix.

The mix is uploaded by T-Mo’s official page on SoundCloud with 678 followers and 6 tracks on their page till now. The track is an EDM track i.e Electronic Dance Music. The 1-hour track can be used in clubs to simply enjoy or to dance upon. 

The EDM songs are generally produced by DJs who select tracks and mix them together to be played at festivals, live music shows, concerts or just to enjoy. EDM achieved popularity in Europe.

He is also a member of hip hop collective Dungeon Family. 

T-MO or Robert Terrance Barnett is an American rapper from Atlanta. He is known for being a member of Southern hip-hop quartet Goodie Mob. The artist is 49 years old, born on February 2, 1972.

T-MO released its first solo project on October 31, 2000, via StrongHouse Production. In 1995, He collaborated on albums with Khujo, Big Gipp, and CeeLo Green in “Soul Food.” He has worked with them in many other albums too.

His first solo album is currently available on iTunes. He is one-half of the hip-hop Duo The Lumberjacks with fellow members of the Goodie mob. The singer has earned his bachelor’s degree in science from  Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia.

T-MO has also collaborated with Dungeon Family, Outcast, Pastor Troy.

You can listen to his all music on SoundCloud and YouTube Channel also follow him on Twitter and Instagram. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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