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Pop Smoke Was Declared The SoundCloud’s Most-Streamed Artist This Year

Last month the MBW’s statistics disclosed that as of November 2020, SoundCloud has accommodated over 250 million tracks on its platform. Every month over 12 million creators including DJs, musicians, podcasters, etc listen to SoundCloud.

Pop Smoke Was Declared The SoundCloud’s Most-Streamed Artist This Year

Based on the community’s reaction Late rapper Pop Smoke was the top Artist on SoundCloud this year. The app has published its “2020 Playback”, which is a year-in-review where the company highlights “the tracks, the artists and the moments that mattered the most in 2020”.

Pop Smoke’s music was streamed over 191.5 million times this year. The Soundcloud company stated that they celebrated the life and work of Pop Smoke as their top artist. Moreover, the artist was beloved by the SoundCloud community and they continued to show it.

Still with you by JK of BTS, released on June,5. For two subsequent weeks, the track occupied the No.1 spot on SoundCloud’s New & Hot Chart. 

After receiving the most engaging song from the listeners in a single day the track has been named by SoundCloud’s “Buzziest Drop”.

Fans from BTS created new records on SoundCloud for the “most comments” and “most likes” within 24 hours.  The platform received 121,981 comments and 512,854 likes respectively.

RL Grime’s Halloween IXwhich was the top DJ set, uploaded on October 30, has been reposted over 5,600 times and was streamed on the platform for more than 546,000 times in less than a month.

From March to April SoundCloud’s reports have seen a 50% increase in their uploads.

Furthermore, SoundCloud reports with titles or tags related to the Black Lives Matter movement were streamed more than 53.5m times this year which is also a record in recent time.

You can listen to his music on YouTube Channel and Spotify also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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