Wednesday, May 15

Olivia Rodrigo’s Cryptic Messages On Instagram

The “High School Musical: The Series” star, Olivia Rodrigo, left her fans utterly confused after deleting her whole Instagram Feed. 

Removing all her previous posts, the actress and singer has since then uploaded only three unexplained and silent videos. 

The first video in question, was uploaded on Friday(March 26),  features an old television and a video of a melting ice cream cone playing on it. 

The second one, was posted on Saturday(March 27), it features some snapshots of a drive by the ocean.

The third one, features the star herself walking aimlessly and then turning back to the direction she came from.

These videos were not accompanied by any sound or any caption.

Her fans are utterly confused with this act of hers and demanded some explanation from the “Driver License” hit maker. Some even linked this act of hers as following in the footsteps of her Idol, Taylor Swift, as it is something she will do before a new project reveal. 

All we can do, besides waiting, is guess the meaning behind the cryptic videos shared by Olivia Rodrigo.

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