Wednesday, May 15

Music Sensation And Visionary Icon Sophie Dies At 34

The 34-year-old Grammy Nominee and a visionary producer and DJ, Sophie Xeon loses her life in an accident. What can be gathered by the statement issued by the musician’s family is that the artist had climbed up the balcony of an apartment to watch the moon and accidentally slipped and fell from the balcony, the police representative in Athens, Greece, had verified the same. 

Music Sensation And Visionary Icon Sophie Dies At 34

While this accident transpired the celebrated artist was residing in Athens. Her fans will be in deep sorrow hearing this devastating news of their lovable artist.

All other artists and musicians and the LGBTQ community paid their respects to Sophie.  

Sophie, a great artist was born on Sept.17 in the year 1986 in Glasgow. Sophie was a transgender icon, she was recognized for her unique creations and as an experimental musician. The list of artists that this legendary producer has worked with is very long, the list includes Madonna and Nicki Minaj. 

Her representatives had labelled her as the “icon of liberation” this completely shows her visibility and influence. 

You can listen to her music on Soundcloud and Spotify and also follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Also, visit her website.

To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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