Friday, April 12

Justin Bieber Left His Fans Shocked With His Act, On Comic Relief

On Friday evening, Comic Relief viewers watched Justin Bieber perform his new single to raise money for the charitable cause. The music sensation Justin Bieber performed for the first time in five years on British Television. 

Justin Bieber Left His Fans Shocked With His Act, On Comic Relief

Justin Bieber performed his brand new single “Hold On” for the viewers of Comic Relief. The song was a rendition. 

With some of his dance moves, the 27-year-old left his viewers astonished. Some viewers who were watching from the comfort of their home picked up his famous dance moves. 

But, in one of his dance moves, he “touched his privates,” and viewers took to Twitter to joke about the same. Some of the tweets were hilarious.

A tweet says, “Has Justin Bieber got a gentleman’s itch?” quite amusing.

Another tweet said, “Justin Bieber – didn’t his mum tell him to go to the toilet before he went on stage? Obviously needed to pee.” 

These tweets are pretty entertaining. 

But, some tweets showed how happy his fans were about his presence. “I can’t believe that Justin Bieber is on Comic Relief,” a Twitter user said. 

Many prominent artists and celebrities were too present at the event.

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