Thursday, July 18

Ozuna And Doja Cat’s Live Performance of Del Mar on Jimmy Kimmel

Ozuna and Doja Cat really did set the stage on fire with their performance of Del Mar on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, an Emmy- Nominated, ABC’s late night talk show. The performance was uploaded on YouTube, on Ozuna’s channel.

Del Mar“, which can also be translated to “By The Sea”, is the first ever Spanish-language collaboration between American singer and rapper Doja Cat and Australian singer-songwriter Sia and the Puerto Rican Singer Ozuna.

Ozuna And Doja Cat's Live Performance of Del Mar on Jimmy Kimmel

The official video of the song features Doja Cat as the Queen of the Sea, and Sia singing in Spanish. The song was actually released as a part of Ozuna’s fourth studio album ENOC on September 4, 2020, and was later sent to radio as the album’s sixth single in October, 2020.

On Jimmy Kimmel’s show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the song was performed by the brilliant artists, Ozuna and Doja Cat, for its promotion. Only Sia’s magical voice was missing. 

The phenomenal voice of Doja Cat and the hypnotic voice made the duo’s performance magical, and their fans loved their performance. 

Doja Cat’s stage presence added some more stars to the live show. Most of her fans were only commenting on her stage presence, and it truly is hard to not notice it. The year 2020 was definitely her year, she was shining everywhere, standing out with her power and talent. 

Ozuna and his hypnotic voice is something which won many hearts, and both of them, that is Doja Cat and Ozuna, were magical on stage.

Many missed Sia, well who won’t? She has got that angelic voice which would have made the performance stand out some more. We wish Sia, Doja Cat and Ozuna will go live together, that too very soon.

Not only was the performance loved, but the arrangement by the live band was also loved too. Someone commented, “The live arrangement by the band was Phenomenal”. 

Here you can watch their live performance on YouTube Channel hope you like it too. “Ozuna” is available on Spotify, so go and give it a try. You can connect with Burroh on Instagram and Facebook, be a part of his rap journey. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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