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Most Listened G – Eazy Rap “Break From Dallas” By Kaash Paige That Has Won Hearts

Kaash Paige has infused the flavour of love and emotion in her song, “Break from Dallas” which ensures to convey the essence of love and the need for a break from Dallas greatly.

This song was written by William Van Zandt, Doc Daniel and Kaash Paige that got released on November 15th, 2019 that was sampled and interpolated in G-Eazy’s “Break From LA Freestyle”.

Most Listened G – Eazy Rap “Break From Dallas” By Kaash Paige That Has Won Hearts

Being the singer and writer of the song, needless to say, she takes people into the best music world. Talking about her growth as a singer and writer is an inspiration for people who wish to be successful. She is one of the rising artists or R&B singers of the female category who was initially an athlete, then shifted to softball, basketball and also track.

When she was 19 years, she expressed herself to be a cool kid who loves to make music and was passionate about seeing everyone achieving great heights in life. Her artistry always wants everyone to be their own. Also, Kaash believes in killing arrogance and hatred, which means she wants everyone to love each other. 

Eventually, the best turning road came to make the right turn to feel proud about her music and voice. She made her debut EP, “Parked Car Convos” a classic one, in the year 2019 under which comes the song ‘Break from Dallas’, but released her single “Love songs” which became viral.

Her great influence was Drake whose music pulled out the music talent from Paige. With her freestyle lyrics and music, she amazes her fans with fresh songs and ensures it stands on the top trending list. Her self-realisation of being born to grow big made her achieve such a huge level in the music industry, with wonderful hip-hop songs that flow perfectly.

Releasing “Parked Car Convos”, Kaash Paige also gave a treat to her fans by releasing loose tracks such as “Jaded” and “Frank Ocean”. Besides these tracks, she also gave a remix that features 6lack at the end of January 2020.  Her masterpieces include, ‘Heart breaker’, ‘WMT’, ‘64’’, ‘Fake friends’, ‘Options’ and ‘Kaash’s Interlude’.

Get to know about Kaash Paige’s future releases and feel the best of her music. Follow Kaash on Facebook, Twitter and other accounts to not miss out on any updates. 

Here you can watch her live performance on YouTube Channel hope you like it too. “Kaash Paige” is available on Spotify, so go and give it a try. You can connect with her on Instagram and Facebook, be a part of her musicial journey. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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