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Ayla Nereo’s beautiful song “Wide Winter’s Night” is one of the most liked songs of “Jumpsuit Records”

Ayla Nereo is a vocalist, and she’s believed to take inspiration from nature for her songs, “Wide Winter’s Night” is one such song which shows how much connected to nature Ayla Nereo is.

The song was written and performed by Ayla Nereo and was mixed and mastered by Eric Oberthaler. The track was released on April 2, 2021. 

In every line of the song we find the essence of nature, it is just impossible not to notice. For instance, if we take the lines 

“Oh sound your name

to the water’s sweet tiding

on this wide winter’s night

hear the song ever singing” 

What can be said about the Songwriter and Singer is that she is just in love with nature and what it offers.

According to the California based Songwriter and singer Ayla Nereo, the actual aim of her music is to inspire her listeners to form a healthy relationship with nature, and to instill, what she called, a sense of awe and wonder for nature which will encourage her listeners to do a better job of protecting this nature which is our home.

Ayla Nereo’s best traits are her commitment to her work and passion and her devotion towards mother nature. 

As a child Ayla Nereo was home-schooled, until high school, she and her brother were both home-schooled, thus she has been fascinated by this natural world since she was a child, as her parents used nature for her education, whatever she learned was largely through nature, which explains a lot about her special connection with nature.

Some of her songs which are worth listening to, because of Ayla’s melodious voice, beautiful lyrics and the love for nature, are “Seeds,” “Look at the Rivers,” “We Forgot,” “Wild Burn,” “Ivory Tongue” and “Drive By Fires.”

You can follow Ayla Nereo on YouTubeFacebook, Soundcloud, Instagram and Spotify. Follow her and be a part of her musical journey. To know more about her upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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