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American rapper, Asian Doll’s “Open Heart” on SoundCloud

Asian Doll, who is also known as Asian Da Brat, is an American rapper, released her track “Open Heart” on November 12, 2020. The track was produced by Kendxll.

This song was specially written and sung by Asian Doll for her late boyfriend King Von. Through this song she tried to pay homage to her love.

King Von, whose real name is Dayvon Bennett, was an American Rapper and Songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. He died on November 06, 2020. Asian Doll released “Open Heart” remembering all about her love for King Von.

The lyrics of the song is very heart touching, one who will listen to this song can easily feel how strongly Asian Doll felt for King Von. 

It seems through this track she tried to tell a story, the song song sounded like a story of love, hope and despair. Being in love is a beautiful feeling, losing your love leaves you shattered in many ways, but the way Aisan Doll dealt with her loss is commendable. 

After his death Aisan Doll even shared an heartbreaking message “I’ll never be the same I just hope you visit me in all my dreams I just wanna sleep so I can picture us again I just wanna close my eyes & never open then again…. Von I’m gone.”

King Von and Asian Doll’s fans are all at the same time praising her track “Open Heart” and expressing their sadness over King Von’s absence, expressing how much they miss him. 

“Open Heart” is really a piece of work. The best song about love, loss and want.

Artists are known for expressing themselves through music and Asian Doll just did that. And what more, her confession of love through this song will remain forever in this world. 

Asian Da Brat, as she likes to be called now, and King Von, both worked together to release a song named “Pull Up” before he died. 

You can follow Asian Doll on SoundCloudFacebook and Twitter. Follow her and be a part of her musical journey. To know more about her upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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