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Top 3 sites to submit a free music blog

Made a song and looking for ways to promote it? A music blog is one of the best marketing strategies to promote your masterpiece. And I’m not saying it loosely. It’s a much-needed step to spread the word for your music, irrespective of the genre. A well-written music blog on reliable sites can promote your music to an authentic audience. But the question is, how many bucks do you have to spend to get a music blog written? What if I say that there are few top-ranked sites where you can submit a free music blog

Top 3 sites to submit a free music blog

Let’s take a look at the top 3 sites to submit your free music blog-


It’s one of the best sites that provide free music blog submission services. Getting an idea, then having heart-touching lyrics, and then giving those lyrics the form of a song. So much work and stress. Being an artist is hard. And “Melobeam” understands your pain.

They believe that an artist should solely focus on creating good music. Not on promoting it. That’s why they provide a free music blog submission service along with other music promotional services.

They are among the top music promotion sites right now. 

Getting a music blog published here will help your music gain international attention. “Melobeam “has a dedicated and professional team working for budding artists like you.

You can submit your first music blog for absolutely free. No hidden costs are involved. 

So if you are serious about your music, go and check them out.

This song is sick

This site has an audience across 110 countries. So from any corner of the world, you can submit a free music blog without any hassle. The site promotes all kinds of music. 

“This song is sick” claims to provide the best music promoting services. The site has gained popularity in recent years. Many great artists submit their music blogs to get their music promoted for free. 

Because of lots of submissions, the site prefers artists who already composed a few songs. So if it’s your first song for which you are submitting your music blog. It’s quite troublesome for you to get featured. 

If you want some reliable ears to connect to your music, try this “This song is sick.”

Dope cause we said

This site is yet an attractive option to submit a free music blog. They have an excellent social media presence. 

“Dope cause we said” knows what it needs to promote a song. Their blogs are one of the best-rated and most read. The site promotes diverse genres of music. If your music is more than a month or a maximum of two months old, there are chances that they will not accept your submission. They only promote fresh and newly composed music.

Once submitted, relax and let them do the work. If you have a music, go with their free music blog submission services.

These were the top three free music blog submission sites that you should consider. With increasing competition, it’s becoming hard for talented ones to penetrate and reach the audience.

These websites are one of the best options you should try. Give your music wings and yourself a headstart in your musical journey. And that too without even spending your hard-earned money.

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