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Lil baby’s Strong and Powerful “The Bigger Picture” Video
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Lil baby’s Strong and Powerful “The Bigger Picture” Video

Music is a language that can be understood universally. It has the ability to break down complicated issues into the things we can all relate to. Besides this, it holds the power to capture history in making. After the incident on May 25 by the police brutality following George Floyd’s death. On the contrary, Lil baby’s song “The Bigger Picture” became the protest song in the movement “Black Lives Matter”.The audio track was launched on June 12, 2020, achieving 14 million views. The official video came on June 13, 2020, achieving 121 million views, 1.8 million likes, and 68 thousand dislikes.  The 25-year-old rapper Lil Baby processes the injustice he faces in America as a Black man. The song shows the documentary on the actions on the streets of Atlanta. The lyrics of ...
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