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How to Choose The Best Free Music Submission Site To Grow Your Music

Music streaming sites are gaining popularity day by day, and if you are a music lover, then you must know how tremendously music streaming platforms are affecting the growth of a song. The popularity of a new song depends upon how much it has been shared and streamed, and this is the digital world of music. 

Free Music Submission Site

New audios are being shared extensively on these music streaming platforms; friends are sharing their most loved songs with their best friends, links to these audios are being shared on family chat groups. It has become a fundamental method of promoting music. Within these very small circles, new tunes and new and exquisite lyrics are gaining popularity, and then from these places, these songs are being spread.

What basically, this free music submission site does is that it makes the new track available on these globally famous music streaming and audio sharing platforms. By doing that, these songs become easily accessible to the very active audience of these music streaming platforms. The journey of the growth and popularity of a new musician begins. And by every means, this is the best way to begin a musical journey. Though while sampling new submission sites, we must make sure that the particular site has the following features- 

1. Active Audience

While choosing the right free music submission site, make sure that it is submitting your music to those platforms where there is enough and an active audience. For your music to gain recognition, it has to encounter some audience; without reaching the eager ears, the song can hardly grow and achieve its deserved applause and praise. So, it certainly is quite essential to make sure what kind of platforms your music will be submitted to. 

2. Playlists Are The Saviour

Playlists are your saviors, believe it or not. Playlists have become the go-to place for every student, office worker, or college graduate. They experiment with new playlists for their entertainment, but mostly they are happy with the most recommended playlists only. And hence in this way, new songs find their little ray of sunshine; that’s where they are discovered. That makes it important for any new musician who is just sampling submission sites to check what kind of playlists they are submitting your music to. Some sites let you choose what type of playlist you want to submit your music to.

3. Your Own Curated Playlist

Taste matters to many in food, in music, in everything, and taste certainly is important. Playlists are curated based on what kind of music the listener usually listens to. Most of these globally famous music streaming platforms have curated playlists that they dish out to their listeners; even their most recommended playlists, which they provide to their listeners, are based on their tastes. This makes the feature of curation of the playlist an important one. Hence, while checking out, some music submission sites do remember to check out if the site lets you the freedom of curating your own playlist. Various music submission sites allow the artist and the audience to curate their own playlist. 

You may be a new musician who is still trying to climb up the ladder and is eager to let your music shine, or maybe an old musician who does not know how to get your music out there and give it the recognition it deserves; you can without any worries or second thoughts use any free music submission site. Before doing that, make sure that your chosen submission site has the mentioned feature; it will make your journey easier. 

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