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Ron Benatia-An Artist of Different Genre

Ron Benatia-An Artist of Different Genre

Music enthusiasts are always in search of artists from different genres just like Ron Benatia who delivers rich content to entertain people. Ron Benatia is an artist of Indie-Pop genre. His creation engaged a lot of audiences who became followers of his quality music. He has always been progressive in his musical journey and his music gives a different taste to the audiences.

This channel joined YouTube 8years ago on Dec 14, 2012, and till now got 325,027 views in total and has 204 followers. The channel has 41 videos in total. This channel serves the category of Indie Pop songs. The channel has not posted any video song but has uploaded all the audio songs on it with different images. The channel has uploaded 3 albums in total.

The highest song viewed on Ron Benatia channel is Lynyrd Skynrd-Free Bird (Live) with 88,602 views. The poster of the song gives a retro vibe. This song was uploaded on Jul 12, 2013. This song is probably the best live version of the song: Free bird from Lynyrd Skynrd’s All-Time Greatest Hits album. This song gives the vibes from the ’60s and ’70s. According to many people, this song is better than the original version and is considered a masterpiece by many of the listeners, as the channel also serves with an excellent quality sound which the listener can enjoy. Besides this the song “The 88-Everybody Loves Me But Me” is the second most popular song from this channel having 42K Views. The channel also has uploaded a song from an excellent song album “An evening of painkillers and looms” of the band Censorship.

Although according to the YouTube policy the older the channel is the better the content it must serve. But till now the channel has not been active since 2013 and since the channel is 9years old there aren’t many views on the videos. This is all because the channel is not active and is not posting much content to be liked or viewed by the audience. To become popular the channel needs to be active again as there is a lot of competition in the field of YouTube where people are posting very good content for targeting every genre of the audience.

You can listen to his all music on YouTube. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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