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Masked Wolf’s Hit Song “Astronaut In The Ocean” is Winning Hearts

Australian Rapper Masked Wolf, who was actually unknown to the world before this creation of his, originally released the song “Astronaut in the Ocean”, through Teamwork Records on 7June 2019, on YouTube, it gained some minor recognition in Australia. It stayed on YouTube being unnoticed.

But, after being left unnoticed for some time Tiktokers got their hand on this song. The song started to become famous through TikTok and other short-video creation platforms, even on Instagram it became quite famous through reels. The song was again released on 6 January 2021, through Elektra Records.

Following its re-release the song gained chart success in multiple countries, even reached the top ten in Australia, Germany, Finland, Canada, Switzerland and Norway, and many other European countries. The track became one of the most popular songs of Masked Wolf.

The art of music and song lies in the fact that it means one thing to the singer and another to those listening to that song, these were Masked Wolf’s words about the song. 

“Astronaut in the Ocean” starts with a spy-movie guitar ringing out three notes, there is the sound of a drone in the background which is getting busier, then there is silence, a commanding voice that calls out a question “What you know about rolling down in the deep?”, then the song actually begins. 

Truth to be told,”Astronaut in the Ocean” is easily Masked Wolf’s best song, as the song is packed with all his strengths. 

Though the intro of the song is about 17 seconds long, it is enough to build up that energy needed for this kind of song. 

This song is quite catchy, if you hear it once, you’ll want to hear it again. No wonder it became so famous, thanks to TikTok.

You can listen to this song on his YouTube Channel.

Masked Wolf or Harry Michael can be followed on Instagram or you can subscribe to his channel on YouTube. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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