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Brilliant artist Saint JHN’s fire song “Anything Can Happen” featuring Meek Mill

Brilliant artist Saint JHN’s fire song “Anything Can Happen” featuring Meek Mill

Saint John or Carlos St.John Phillips is professionally known as SAINt JHN, a brilliant songwriter, singer, rapper, and record producer. 

The singer is back with his fire song “Anything Can Happen” featuring Meek Mill with him. It is an audio song with the animated poster of both artists. Saint JHN’s cartoon is wearing a cross locket and on the other hand, Meek Mill‘s cartoon is wearing a DC locket. On the back of their cartoons, the buildings are on fire and both of them’ cartoons are on fire too, which clearly indicates that a song is a fire too with amazing beats, music, and lyrics. The song gives very good summerish vibes.

The awesome rap song has more than 1 million plays on SoundCloud with 24.7k likes and 1,290 shares till now. On youtube the song is uploaded by SAINt JHN’s official account, the song has more than 9 million views with 83K likes and 2.6K dislikes till now. SAINt has 1.41 Million subscribers on its YouTube channel. 

The song’s lyrics are like “Anything can happen when you out here poppin’ every night. Gotta’ risk it all tryna live a legendary life, Gotta’ keep a boomy on you, even when it’s close friends” and so on.

SAINt JHN is best known for his song “Roses” which was initially released in 2016. In 2019 a remix of the song helped it to be a hit worldwide. It also reached the top 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and topped charts in the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

In 2018, Collection Onewas his first album released. SAINt was born in Brooklyn and was raised in Georgetown, Guyana. He was into music when he was twelve years old.

You can listen to his all music on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube Music and YouTube Channel also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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