Wednesday, April 24

Selena Gomez Is Here With Her First Spanish EP

The gorgeous Singer and Songwriter Selena Gomez is back with her first Spanish EP. It is a seven-track Spanish language EP, and through this EP, Selena is paying tribute to her Latin roots and her wide fanbase in Latin America.

Selena Gomez Is Here With Her First Spanish EP

On her Instagram, the beautiful singer shared the release of her Spanish EP, with the caption “REVELACION is out now / REVELACION disponible ya.” 

Not only that, Selena made sure to post a video on her Instagram, thanking all her fans for their love and support. With a broad smile on her face, the singer revealed just how happy she is in the video. 

Gomez revealed that for her, it is easier for her to sing in Spanish than to speak it. Though in the Los Angeles Times, she admitted that she had to stop recording sometimes, out of frustration.

The entire EP was produced by Tainy, who is known for producing some of the biggest reggaeton hits.

You can follow Selena on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Also, visit her website.

To know more about the upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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