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Kr’s song “Read you Mind” is a popular hit on SoundCloud

The Popular streamed song Read you Mind by KR on SoundCloud is a song for women to save themselves from their failing relationships. The song is from the Killer’s album Sam’s Town. The song has been a regular feature on the Las Vegas band’s setlist. The album “The Killer’s Sam’s Town” has been named after a casino and hotel that resides in their native place Las Vegas at B11 Boulder Highway.

Kr’s song “Read you Mind” is a popular hit on SoundCloud

The song has more than 160K plays on SoundCloud with 2,870 likes and 314 shares. The song was posted 4 years ago and still is loved by people. The song is Uploaded by the singer’s page “KR RADO.”  KR has 44.4K followers on his account on SoundCloud with 56 tracks. 

Besides being the most popular hit, the song has been at no.15 on the UK singles chart.

Kaalan Rashad Walker professionally known as KR is Hollywood’s freshest face. Los Angeles native is an actor, rapper, and dancer and is taking the entertainment industry on storm.

The 22-year-old singer says that he wrote this song for the women as he recognized them to accept less than they deserve. The video of his song highlights the beauty of every woman. The visuals of the song are in Black and White.

The song has over 19 million views on YouTube and over 7 million plays on SoundCloud. KR brings a refreshing and unique new sound to hip-hop. Besides everyone, the singer has his own sound in all.

KR has also made his debut in the film “KINGS” at the Toronto Independent Film Festival starring alongside Danial Craig and Halle Berry.

The KR started his career in Hollywood through Dancing. He formed a group in his high school with his friends and named it “Marvel Inc.” The group widely became popular in the city and a huge following on Youtube and the video received over 2 million views. 

Listen to his music on SoundCloud and his Official YouTube Channel and also follow him on Twitter. To know more about his upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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