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An Interview With Queen Aliyah Marie has many disclosures with her new music release!

With her tremendous music creation this 17 year old came into the scene when she was just 15. Releasing her debut EP “imagination” last year she has got us hooked ever since. She is a popular and powerful rising star in the indie pop and R&B genre. Her sweet raspy voice and mature characteristics and the way she carries herself far surpasses her age. We are excited to share all the juicy details which we got to know during an exclusive interview. Let’s hear her story in her own words!

Melobeam: How does it feel to receive so much love and appreciation for your new song?
Aliyah Marie: It’s an amazing feeling ! I feel like finally all my hard work has paid off.

Melobeam: What do you think has driven you to create this awesome track?
Aliyah Marie: I feel like it’s myself because the music in my head is just constantly playing and I just feel that I need to write it and put it out there.

Melobeam: Who do you look upon as an inspiration? 
Aliyah Marie: I think other indie and underground artists inspire me a lot. I just like how hardworking they are. I think that underground and Indie artists make better content than a lot of mainstream artists.

Melobeam: Your music has perpetually been a treat to all of your fans, when did you decide that you wanted to make a career in the music industry?
Aliyah Marie: I have just always wanted to be in the entertainment industry music is the best way to get there.

Melobeam: What is the best thing about your music that deeply binds your audience with your song? 
Aliyah Marie:  I think the best part of my music is how unique it is. 

Melobeam: Are you satisfied with your current genre or will you be exploring other things?
Aliyah Marie:  I like to try something new every time I make another album or Ep. 

Melobeam: Do you come from a musical background? 
Aliyah Marie:  No, I am the only musical one.

Melobeam: Is there any point in your musical career that you would want to cherish all your life?
Aliyah Marie: I will always cherish my image.

Melobeam: Have you gone live yet?
Aliyah Marie: No I have not.

Melobeam: According to you, what is missing in the current hip-hop trend?
Aliyah Marie: I think variety especially when it comes to black female artists.

Melobeam: What makes you think your music is different from other artists? 
Aliyah Marie: I think my music is different because I always like to have a more old school or retro sound.

Melobeam: Would you like to name anyone who has supported you in your journey? 
Aliyah Marie: My biggest supporter has been myself.

Melobeam: Is there anything you want to say to your fans and followers?
Aliyah Marie: I can’t wait to have you all join me on my journey.

Melobeam: What boosts your confidence when things don’t go your way or when you don’t get the success you expected?
Aliyah Marie: I sometimes get happy when I don’t get as much as I want because it gives me more time to grow.

Melobeam: To compose a song, how long does it take? 
Aliyah Marie: It usually takes about a month for me.

Melobeam: What do you think is more important for an artist? Talent or hard work?
Aliyah Marie: I think hard-work because you may not be talented but with hard work you can become one of the most talented people out there.

Melobeam: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Aliyah Marie: I see myself being a name in the entertainment industry.

Melobeam: Who are your idols? 
Aliyah Marie: Oprah, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Whitney Houston’, Serena Williams I know they are not all musicians but I just love how hardworking and iconic these women are. 

Melobeam: How do you deal with your fan’s negative comments?
Aliyah Marie: Some are haters and some are just giving genuine constructive criticism. 

Aliyah can be followed on TwitterInstagram and TikTok keep following her to find out what stunning creation she is going to release next. To know more about her upcoming journey, stay tuned with Melobeam.

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